The license gives you or your company the right to use Plaster kit in personal or commercial projects for yourself, your company, or your clients.

You allowed to:

◦ Use the product for any or all of your personal and commercial projects.

◦ Use item multiple times, in multiple projects, since this is a 'multi-use' license.

◦ Modify the product, or combine it with other works to make a derivative work from it.

You are not allowed to:

◦ Resell, rent or sub-license the product, even if you own an extended license;

◦ Redistributed the product on its own, or use it in another product offered for sale where Plaster kit becomes the core value.


◦ You are not required to contribute or link to Plaster kit in any of projects;

◦ All the rights for photos, illustrations, and texts used in the product are reserved by their legal owners and presented in an Item for demonstrating purposes;

Bunin reserve the rights to revise prices and the resources usage policy in any moment.

Permitted Use

The allowed number of users per license is outlined as part of your license selection during purchase.

If you are purchasing for multiple individuals in your team, please add the appropriate team size license to your cart ("Personal" for 1 user, "Team" for up to 6 users or "Unlimited" for ∞ users).

Additional users outside of the allowed number of users or any other use of the Product requires an additional purchased license or custom license. To inquire about a custom license please contact [email protected].