Mobile Design Kit for Sketch

Create beautiful applications with bulletproof guidelines built into a powerful design system.

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Compatible with Sketch v.66+

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Design Framework for Android & iOS
Validate Ideas Faster with Plaster Design Kit

Validate ideas faster with Plaster

Use a powerful UI kit for an efficient product design approach and prototyping.

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Perfectly tooled

mobile UI collection

Plaster - Mobile Design System and UI Kit
Plaster - Mobile Design System and UI kit
Plaster - Mobile Design System and UI kit


Responsive Components


Predefined Styles


Application Templates


Component Categories

Design for mobile made easy

Design system theming

Color theme switcher

Freely swap between light and dark theme and create an infinite number of color themes with Camilo plugin.

Work at scale

Work at scale

The file structure helps to easily scale your project while having full control over each design element.

Product design solution

Product design solution

Create beautiful multi-platform UI for your products with Material and iOS best practices built-in.

Make better products

and design systems

Mobile Friendly UI kit

Mobile friendly

In compliance with Android and iOS guidelines.

Time saver

Time saver

Save up to 60% time working in Sketch.

Product design Flow booster

Flow booster

A neatly organized workspace and file structure.

Responsive UI components


All elements are resizable and fit fine with each other.

Superior UI assets

Superior assets

Reusable, well-layered and perfectly named.

Adaptable UI components


Easy to customize and match different brands.

Innovative UI kit


Constantly growing and updatable toolkit.

Icons and free fonts

Icons & fonts

Includes free fonts, Material and iOS icons.

Expand your capabilities with Plaster design system

Expand your capabilities

Share, collaborate, and spread Plaster with many useful plugins and popular applications, widen your creativity and automate routine.

Simple pricing

Pay once, get things done unlimited times.

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What makes it different?

Plaster strives to make modern mobile guidelines maximally open to customization and repeated use by binding them with a single set of design rules.


If you need help setting up the tool, a bit of friendly advice, or you have suggestions regarding new components, you can always email them to us.


You can get a 50% discount if you are a student or a teacher, to get it simply email us any proof of your occupation.